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Hi, i am kerrin.


I love my job. Creating events that celebrate the milestones of my clients' lives is not only an honor, but also a responsibility.

Together with you, I want to create an ambience that flows, where everything is easy and the daily stresses are left at the door. I want you to fullly enjoy this precious time with the people that are the most important to you- and to create an event that is YOU.

Signature events means that the event bears your signature, not mine- because your guests will not necessarily remember pomp and circumstance, but they will feel the authenticity of every detail of your celebration. When your personality shines through, your guests will feel right at home; and it is this feeling that they will remember.

I love to work closely with my clients; to me, it is importnat to truly get to know you and to understand what makes you happy. Because really, that's what our work is all about- making you happy. It's as simple as that. That's why I focus on private events exclusively- to me, it is most crucial that I can take the time to focus on every detail and to manage them all. You and your celebration are important- I want to give them my full attention.

Warm regards,


hard facts

ZIWA Wedding Planner International 2016



Part of Jury for BRAUT FOTO AWARD 2017

Preferred vendor for BILDPOETEN


Writer of an interview column for SEI INSPIRIERT

Published regularly on all big German wedding blogs and on international blogs, as well as in major German print magazines

Interviewpartner for German news publications SPIEGEL, FOCUS, as well as other print and online media

random facts

What makes me happy: Family time, buying fresh flowers, to cook all day for the besties and not having to clean up, living room dance parties, car karaoke, time on the tennis court, rough landscapes, strong winds, soft summer breezes

What gets on my nerves: Bad customer service, narcisism, machos, egomaniacs, indifference, people who take, take, take it all, but who never give

I can waste a lot of time on: The search for the perfect accessoire, the ideal colour combination, Netflix

I can not walk past: My four favourite letters: SALE,  pretty silverware, antique crystal glasses, travel mugs, exotic cook books, creative, fresh street food